There is a regular task to start one or more processes on the remote server. And you don't want to keep ssh-client to be opent while process running. Linux have few command to handle it: screen and tmux.

screen command start process and allow to disconnect from it and the process will be running. After some time you can connect to terminal where process running. That's all we need. So why we need tmux? Basicly tmux can doo all the things which screen does, but more comfortabe, have more understandable command system and requiere less ROM to execute.

My personal choice - tmux.

How to use this command (basic use cases):

Start process:


after that we will see almost regular terminal where we can start our process. For example:


than type Ctrl + B and later D for leaving console.

Connect to process

first of all you can use tmux list-sessions command to see running sessions list

tmux attach -t N

where N - number of session will connect(attach) our console to required session where the process is running and we can do everything we need with the process.

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