Let's assume we need some kind of local development lab to test our splended microservices driven system deployment to cluster.

  • and we want to check that all development pipeline works properly from MergeRequest to Deployment to Production environment
  • and we want all stages of pipeline will works automaticaly
  • and we want ... more some cool features!


So, minikube is local development version of kubernetes cluster with minimal requirements, so it can works even on some laptops. Let's install minikube

Go to the minikube website, check out the latest version and follow the instructions to install minikube on your system.

curl -Lo minikube https://storage.googleapis.com/minikube/releases/v0.32.0/minikube-linux-amd64 && chmod +x minikube && sudo cp minikube /usr/local/bin/ && rm minikube

Now we can start minikube

minikube start

And run dashboard service

minikube dashboard

Which will open your browser on dashboard page (or you can copy and paste dashbord URL from terminal output to your browser addres bar)

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