Save few seconds a day

Some of us try to save every second a day to use it for our life.

Here is one simple trick which helps you to save few seconds

  1. Open System settings -> Devices -> Keybord -> ShortCuts
  2. Disable shortcut for Launch terminal
  3. Add new custom shortcut
    • Name: Launch terminal with tmux
    • Command: gnome-terminal --maximize --command "tmux a"
    • Shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + T

That's it - now when you press Ctrl + Alt + T - you'll see terminal window with tmux opened in it!

Extra bonus

  1. Open Startup Applications
  2. Add new application
    • Name: Launch terminal with tmux on startup
    • Command gnome-terminal --command tmux

Sweet! Now when you start your system - you'll see the same terminal with tmux opened!

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